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Ahoj-Brause Brauser-Games

Ahoj-Brause was looking for a fresh and community-focused way to boost brand awareness among a young and digital target group in the long run while leveraging their own identity in a playful way. Gaming turned out to be the perfect brand fit for Ahoj-Brause.


The optimal brand fit

Just like gaming, the brand has a high cult factor and is strongly associated with fun and quirkiness. With regular, interactive gaming streams in collaboration with renowned Twitch influencers, we establish the brand as the “good mood kick” of gamers within the target demographic. As a result, gamers will associate Ahoj-Brause with casual gaming and high-quality entertainment.

By combining a popular show master with a roster of celebrity co-hosts, we create synergies that are unmatched in Twitch. The combo of high-quality and unique content with a strong audience integration resulted in a show experience that shines with reach, credibility, community spirit, and authenticity. We designed a future-proof format with a strong target group formation, making it the ideal vehicle for Ahoj-Brause activations in gaming.

The set in our Studio
The set in our Studio

Full service in-house production

With Brauser-Games, we delivered an interactive show format featuring seamless integration of remote guests. The broadcast was produced in-house in our studio in Cologne. In addition to content, set design and visual identity of the format, we were responsible for the selection and handling of influencers as well as the planning and implementation of accompanying community events and competitions.

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