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Remote FIFA Tournament Production for LaLiga

The US branch of LaLiga, Spain’s top football league, hosted two Esports tournaments to continue providing entertaining formats for fans and the community during the height of the Covid pandemic. The unique challenge of these events was that participants were spread across Europe and the US.
We supported with player management, communications setup, live production and broadcast preparation, and supplied player guides and streaming instructions to participants.



During the early stages of the pandemic in April 2020, LaLiga North America and build a rocket got together to plan and execute the KICK COVID FIFA 20 tournament. The tournament featured professional players from LaLiga building a team together with celebrities from US sports (NBA, NFL and MLS). The coverage was spread across all social media platforms, as well as LaLiga TV.

Build a rocket helped LaLiga to bridge the digital challenge and made a global, completely remote and fully online focused broadcast production work from their head agency office in Cologne. The KICK COVID Tournament was the first virtual tournament in which current European and American top tier female and male athletes competed in FIFA.
The Kick Covid FIFA 20 Tournament was created with the modern sports fan in mind, combining the worlds of physical and digital sports at a time when entertainment seekers were in dire need of content. Bringing famous sports players from some of the world’s most popular leagues and having them participate in an Esports context appealed to a huge audience.

The event generated over 8.8 million video views and reached 30 million people across numerous online channels during the duration of the two-day virtual event. It was streamed via LaLiga’s global accounts and broadcasted on TV by 50 of LaLiga’s broadcasters in 90+ countries. The event was covered by over 60 sites worldwide, including prominent sports and sports business publications in the United States such as SBJ, Forbes, ESPN, and UNDEFEATED.


After the successful first tournament, a follow-up production took place in late 2020, featuring US celebrities, playing against customers from Verizon on the LaLiga platform. This was also planned, executed, administrated and produced by build a rocket, gaining millions of views online.

Select Verizon Up users were given the opportunity to compete in a 1v1 FIFA match against famous gaming influencers and current soccer stars. The winners were chosen on a first-come, first-served basis via a sign-up site on the Verizon Up platform.
The promotion’s purpose was to reach a wide gaming audience through money can’t buy experiences delivered by high-profile influencers, all while raising awareness for Verizon Up. This was accomplished by collaborating with a broad influencer roster and live streaming the activity on LaLiga and gaming partners’ Twitch channels.
The FIFA Celebrity Roulette campaign divided winners into three different event days, giving them the opportunity to compete against one of four influencers. Over the course of the three event days, the activation received over 2,6M video views, with a high of more than 82K individuals tuning in live to see the promotion winners compete against the celebrities on Twitch.

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