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Live blind dating on Twitch with Meetic

French online service meetic is a leading european matchmaking platform that operates the largest portfolio of popular online dating services in 15 countries. With this campaign, build a rocket enabled meetic to connect to a young and digital audience by reaching out for realtime interaction with the gaming and Esports community through a unique and interactive streaming format broadcasted live on Twitch.


Building Brand Awareness for the Esports audience

Our goal was to increase meetic’s popularity within the spanish target audience and to promote the dating platform through gaming related activations. We launched meetics Esports engagement with a unique broadcast format: The first interactive live blind dating show on Twitch.
The campaign was meetics first step towards the highly dynamic and fast-growing Esports and Gaming target audience in Spain. The 360° activation aimed towards connecting young people through entertaining and interesting content with meetic as a brand and installed the platform as an authentic player within the Esports universe.

Unique Community Activation

In each of the four broadcasts, the candidates, of which there have been 21 in total, were guided through a variety of tasks by the two hosts, often supported by viewer interaction. One candidate per show got to chose his or her partner after 9 rounds, without having seen each other before.
As a full service Esports agency, we were able to produce all the necessary assets in-house. In addition to the broadcasts, we developed a branded show design, social media assets as well as the registration website for people to apply as candidates.
Popular spanish influencers Aroyitt and ErnesBarbeQ enhanced the campaigns overall reach and acted as ambassadors for the gaming activations, generating conversions and evolving gaming as a long-term customer environment.

Succesfull first impact in Esports

The campaign was a successful first impact in Esports for meetic, and we had a blast producing it. The broadcasts racked up over 240k unique viewers, 75k chat messages and 34k watched hours on Twitch. The accompanying social media posts on Twitter and Instagram had a reach of 1,6M in total with 66k interactions. These numbers prove that even non-endemic companies can leverage the potential of Esports and gaming to reach new audiences and connect to previously untapped communities.

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