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Vredestein Simracing Cup

Vredestein, an Apollo Tyres company, is a Netherlands-based tire manufacturer with over 110 years of experience in the market and a drive for reaching new customers with innovative measures. Our client wanted to increase brand awareness among a young and digital target group, as younger generations are increasingly difficult to reach through established marketing channels. This extremely digitized audience acts and communicates away from traditional platforms such as print and TV and has an unparalleled expectation toward marketing campaigns.


Building Brand Awareness for the Esports audience

In order to sustainably increase brand awareness within the Esports audience, build a rocket developed and implemented a concept that places Vredestein as an authentic player within the Esports universe. What would be more suitable than a simracing event campaign accompanied by a 360° social media campaign featuring Varion - one of Germany’s most popular influencers?
A sim racing tournament paired with an entertaining content piece quickly emerged as the ideal opportunity, which not only scored strong reach via social media, but was also perceived by the community as absolutely authentic.


Authentic Community Activation

As an authentic approach to this unique audience, a tournament in the game title “iRacing” was held. The tournament was promoted via the largest German sim racing community platform “German SimRacing”, which gained additional traction for the campaign. Varion was selected as a highly relevant influencer who authentically integrated Vredestein across all relevant touchpoints and brought them closer to the target audience. Furthermore, he was one of the commentators of the community event. The content was distributed via YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok and quickly attracted a lot of attention.

Making the brand visible

The sponsored content on Varion’s channel is one of the most viewed videos on his channel with more than one million clicks within four weeks after release. Over 165 participants signed up for the “Vredestein SimRacing Cup” and raced for attractive prizes. The total social media reach of the campaign was 1.5m with more than 117k likes and 5k+ active engagement across all platforms. Feedback from the community was consistently positive. The components of the campaign made it possible to create a holistic approach to the target group. The first step into the Esports market has thus been taken and the brand “Vredestein Tyres” has legitimized itself as an authentic partner of the SimRacing scene.

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